Pictures from Season 5 recording sessions of Milford Performs     
                               Justin & Ray appeared on our first show back in October 2013 and 
                                          returned to appear on our final episode in May 2018.
            Erin Wheeler appeared on our second show with MPAC's cast of Seussical the Musical and 
                                  returned to appear solo and play piano on our May 2018 episode.
Guitarist Jae Mannion is hitting the road this year, performing solo at open mics and
in new groups large and small in as many places as they can.  He appeared on our April 2018 episode.
       Michael Sargius discovered the piano as a young man and now plans to attend music college in 
              a few years to learn more about the instrument.  He joined us for our April 2018 episode.
One guy met another guy at the record shop, then the drummer made so much noise a guy showed up 
          at his door when his parents were not there, then some Soundcloud - next thing you know, 
                                             it's Man in the Planet on our March 2018 episode.
               Robb Millett took a night off from The Rose Room Revue to share three songs he wrote 
                                    as part of their Song Challenge on our March 2018 episode.
Blind Revision is an alt-rock band which music features catch pop hooks alongside post-hardcore breakdowns and shred-filled guitar passages.
Heather Deary started out singing to children and now sings for patrons of restaurants, festivals, and bars, plus performing at the 2017 Local Music Awards.  She joined us for our February 2018 episode.
John Barrows learned to play guitar while serving his country in Vietnam, now he spends hours a week     entertaining troops and vets at local vets hospitals.  John appeared on our January 2018 episode. 
                Rebecca Gaffin's brother Richard has been on our show three times.  In January 2018 
                          Rebecca continued the Gaffin family tradition with her first TV appearance. 
          Julia James made her first appearance on our show in December 2017.  She described herself
                             as a "weird music girl" in school but her performance here was terrific!
                             Cam Knopp made his fourth appearance on our show in December 2017.  
                                     On his first appearance he was not so much taller than Bryant!
             At the beginning of 2017 these three guys did not know each other, but by November 2017 
                           The Wrong Road's Right was on our show playing their original music!
                             Sheez Late not only appeared on our November 2017 but Ron Roy also
                                        recorded the sound for the episode on his own equipment!
  Mick Lawless and the Reckless Hearts just formed this year and are already in the recording studio 
recording many of Mick's originals.  We caught up with these "new guys" for our October 2017 episode.
     Local Music Award favorite Scott Magill showed us the value of practicing in the basement for hours
                                                              on our October 2017 episode.
 For the fifth time in our five seasons, the King Dance Academy opened our first episode of the season,                                                                        in September 2017.

                                  We went on location to record The Anger Management Band on 

                                           Milford's Town Park for our September 2017 episode.