Pictures from recording sessions of Milford Performs 

Mackenzie Hopkins - Still Photographer

 MPAC's Bye, Bye Birdie was on Milford Performs in June 2014.  Dress rehearsal photos by Kirsten McCandless - Mackenzie was on Milford Performs so she could not take pictures!

 Milford Dance Center graced our studio in June 2014.

  Sheez Late brought their high-energy acoustic rock to Milford Performs in May 2014. 

Natick Improv's Penguin Apocalypse migrated to Milford in May 2014. 


 Sandra's Dance at Studio 28 shook up the studio for our April 2014 show. 

Mendon County bluegrass jam band on Milford Performs 09 Apr 2014. 


MPAC's improv troupe Class Act, Too came on our show March 2014. 

Mike Rossacci performed original songs on Milford Performs in March 2014. 

 Enter Stage Left opened the Stephen Schwartz Scrapbook for us in March 2014.