Pictures from Season 4 recording sessions of Milford Performs 
                   Just for Kicks is Chris and Chris.  They kept their engagement with us in July 2017, 
                                        now they have to keep their own engagement next May! 
                        Three men, Three Points of Madness.  Must be our May 2017 episode! 

Mendon County brought their bluegrass jam band sound back to Milford Performs

on our May 2017 episode.

                        Steere Street is a brand new band from Burrilleville and made their debut on 
                                                                 our March 2017 episode.
        We went on location to the new digs of Sandra's Dance at Studio 28 in Hopedale for
                                                                        March 2017 episode.
                             Gay Barboza is a hardworking full-time performer.  She appeared on 
                                                               our February 2017 episode.
                       The Knukcleheads are five members of the McCarthy family, all in one band, and 
                                                       appeared on our February 2017 episode.

A three-piece progressive, heavy, ambient rock band from west of Boston,


ompanyOne played our January 2017 episode.

                Miss Beth brought her Eleve' Danse Centre's Christmas Spectacular to our studio 

                                                                        in January 2017.

                                 We finally were able to get Shanna Jackman on our show - 

                        and she brought Adam Day with her on our December 2016 episode!

                               Secret of the Sound is no secret on our December 2016 episode.

                            Our November 2016 featured the solo vocal stylings of KenDo.

                       Young Skorpian brought his personal rap style to our November 2016 episode. 

2016 Local Music Award Favorite Local Rock / Pop Cover Act TD & The Change held back on the shenanigans long enough to bring the funk to our October 2016 show. 
2016 Local Music Award Headliner of the Year Matt Zajac brought his varied and crisp style
to our October 2016 show. 

Britt Hill is a country singer-songwriter from the South - of Milford!  She appeared on our Season 4 premiere in September 2016.

King Dance Academy opened our fourth season with Disney-themed dances from their latest recital.